Listed allergens: egg, lactose, peanuts/nuts, gluten.

Ice cream (C)

After Eight – ice cream with mint flavour (egg, lactose) Amarena – ice cream with sweetened Italian cherries (egg, lactose) Amaretto Dissarono – ice cream with Amaretto flavour and amaretti crumbs (egg, lactose) American Cookie – ice cream with chocolate variegato and choco crunch (egg, lactose, gluten) Apple Pie – ice cream with richly stuffed apple pie (egg, lactose, gluten) Apricot – ice cream with apricot (egg, lactose) Apritti Sesamo – ice cream with sesame seeds, chocolate and granello (egg, lactose, peanuts/nuts, gluten) Bacio – ice cream with roasted hazelnut (egg, lactose, peanuts/nuts) Banana – ice cream with banana flavour (egg, lactose) Caprese Buffalo Mozzarella – ice cream with tomato variegato (egg, lactose) Caramel – ice cream with caramel flavour (egg, lactose) Cheese Cake Strawberry – ice cream with strawberry jam and lemon cake (egg, lactose, gluten) Chocolate Brownie Cookie Dough – chocolate flavoured ice cream, cookie dough and brownie (egg, lactose, peanuts/nuts, gluten) Chocolate Extra Dark – ice cream with chocolate flavour (egg, lactose) Ciuri Ciuri – ice cream with candied peanuts (egg, lactose, peanuts/nuts, gluten) Coconut – ice cream with coconut flavour (egg, lactose) Cookies & Gluhwein - ce cream with cookies and gluhwein (egg, lactose, gluten) Croc Angelo – ice cream with caramelized hazelnut (egg, lactose, peanuts/nuts, gluten) Dolce Latte Cream Caramel – caramel ice cream with caramel variegato (egg, lactose) Ferrero Rocher – ice cream with chocolate flavour and Ferrero crunch (egg, lactose, peanuts/nuts, gluten) Hazelnut With Crumbled Chunks – ice cream with hazelnut flavour and nuts (egg, lactose, peanuts/nuts) Kinder Bueno – ice cream with Kinder Bueno (egg, lactose, peanuts/nuts, gluten) Knoppers – ice cream with caramel flavour and Knopper biscuits (egg, lactose, peanuts/nuts, gluten) Licor 43 – ice cream with Licor 43 and candied orange (egg, lactose) Limone Biscotti – lime ice cream with chunks of lime cake (egg, lactose, gluten) Limone Cookie Dough – lime ice cream with cookie dough and chunks (egg, lactose, peanuts/nuts, gluten) Lotus Speculoos – ice cream with Lotus biscuits (egg, lactose, gluten) M&M's – vanilla ice cream with crushed M&M's (egg, lactose) Malaga – ice cream with rum and raisins (egg, lactose) Mokka – ice cream with coffee flavour (egg, lactose) Mint – ice cream with mint flavour (egg, lactose) Oreo – ice cream with chocolate variegato and choco crunch (egg, lactose, gluten) Panna Ribes Rosso – Italian panna cotta ice cream with currants and muesli (egg, lactose, gluten) Peach – ice cream with peach flavour (egg, lactose) Pistachio with nuts – ice cream with pistachio flavour and nuts (egg, lactose, peanuts/nuts) Pralinone – ice cream with praline mix (various nuts) (egg, lactose, peanuts/nuts) Rose Petals – ice cream mix with rose petals extract and dried rose petals (egg, lactose) Ruby Kitkat – ice cream with ruby chocolate and chunks of Kitkat (egg, lactose, gluten) Smurf – ice cream with caramel flavour and colouring E131 (egg, lactose) Speculaas – ice cream with speculaas herbs (Dutch spiced biscuit)(egg, lactose) Stracciatella – whipped ice cream with chocolate chunks (egg, lactose) Stroopwafel – ice cream with Dutch syrup waffle flavour and crumbs (egg, lactose, gluten) Tiramisu – ice cream with tiramisu flavour (egg, lactose) Toffee Fleur de Sel - caramel ice cream with salted caramel (egg, lactose, gluten) Vanilla Cookie Dough – vanilla ice cream with cookie dough and chunks (egg, lactose, peanuts/nuts, gluten) Vanilla Premium - vanilla ice cream (egg, lactose) Walnut – walnut flavoured ice cream (egg, lactose, peanuts/nuts)  Whiskey Cream - ice cream with whiskey extract and variegato zonder % (egg, lactose,  gluten)  White Chocolate Chunks – ice cream with white chocolate (egg, lactose) Zuppa Inglese – ice cream with Advocaat liqueur flavour, cake and strawberry variegato (egg, lactose, gluten)

Sorbet (S)

Blood Orange – sorbet blood orange  Cherries - sorbet cherries Chocolate milk-free – sorbet milk free chocolate Forest fruit – sorbet 1,5 kg forest fruits per 5 l Grapefruit – sorbet 1,5 kg grapefruit per 5 l Green Apple – sorbet green apple  Guanabana - sorbet guanabana Happy Cola – sugar water with cola extract (contains caffeine) Kiwi – sorbet kiwi Lemon Lime – sorbet Lime Lief – sorbet Liefmans fruit beer (%) Limoncello – sorbet Limoncello 0% alc. Mandarine -  sorbet mandarine Mango – sorbet 1 kg mango per 5 l Melon – sorbet melon  Mojito – sorbet Mojito 0% alc. Orange – sorbet orange  Papaya – sorbet papaya Pear - sorbet pear Pineapple – sorbet pineapple  Pomegranate – sorbet pomegranate Raspberry – sorbet 1 kg raspberries per 5 l Red Bull – sorbet 4 cans of Red Bull per 5 l (contains caffeine) Strawberry – sorbet 1,5 kg strawberries per 5 l Tropical – sorbet orange with mango puree

Frozen yogurt (Y)

Greek Yogurt – frozen yogurt with Greek Yogurt (egg, lactose) Greek Yogurt Amarena – frozen yogurt with Greek yogurt and sweetened Italian cherries (egg, lactose) Greek Yogurt Honey – frozen yoghurt with Greek yogurt, honey and muesli (egg, lactose, gluten)

Listed allergens: egg, lactose, peanuts/nuts, gluten. This overview has been compiled with care, no rights can be derived from the information provided in this overview.